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Project: Platform AMIGOS ARBOLITO "QEM"

Project start: December 2017

Food forest and permaculture

What does food forest mean?

The food forest model is based on three essential pillars to ensure a balance between the relationship between humanity and its ecosystem: plant production for self-consumption, plant production for commercialization and income generation, and a third pillar which is the production and conservation of endemic tree species.
With this model of agriculture, we seek to take care of our environment and learn to live in harmony with mother earth.

What are the benefits of a food forest?

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is the philosophy of working with, not against, nature; of prolonged and reflective observation rather than prolonged and unconscious labor; of understanding plants and animals in all their functions rather than treating areas as mono-productive systems.
It is the art of designing living spaces, functional territories, and lives rich in meaning, inspired by nature. It is also caring for humans, the land and sharing equitably. No chemical pesticides are used.

What are the advantages of permaculture (multiculture)?

Realization of the project

On a 1.25-hectare Farm, we have planted around 600 endemic deciduous and fruit trees (food forest). In addition to many flowers, shrubs, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, herbs, plantains, yuccas and various vegetables, we cultivate our mangrove forest and have a home and a guest house with a sustainable tourism concept (permaculture).

We have reported on the project’s progress in our newsletters since 2018. You can find them on our Blog.

Project: Platform AMIGOS ARBOLITO 2.0

Project in planning stage

Food forest and permaculture

Project objectives

Model of about 4 hc permaculture and agroforestry in the coastal region. Research project with scientific documentation. This project will serve as an example, model, and training project.
The model is to be able to be taken over for similar projects of different dimensions.

Satellite projects of various sizes (Community projects with consulting services). 

Independent projects of different sizes, oriented on the platform.

Campaign: Root friend in your backyard

Project start: May 2023

Reforestation campaign in urban and rural areas

Many large cities such as Madrid, Berlin, New York, and Amsterdam, among others, have understood the importance of recovering the natural environment. That progress is not about building large gray concrete deserts but planning green cities. Urban gardens provide us with healthy food. Trees in our living space make us feel better, protect us from the intense heat waves we constantly suffer, and help to ensure our water sources and oceans, which are the largest producers of oxygen on the planet.

To stimulate reforestation in the urban and rural areas of our canton, we have launched the campaign “Your root friend in your backyard”.

Whether it is a tree that provides shade and/or a source of food, every tree counts and improves our quality of life. Last but not least, their flowers provide food for bees and other pollinating insects.

The advantages of a tree in the garden are many. We want to bring these closer to the people in the region and thus motivate as many families as possible to plant one or more trees in front of, behind, or next to their houses so that not only more trees grow but also awareness of the importance of protecting our environment.

Planted during the campaign to date:


Project: Ecosystem Mangroves

Mangrove recovery project in rioverde

Future project

ama la naturaleza

Mangrove logging has been prohibited since 1994. In Art 406 of the Constitution, the State declares itself responsible for mangrove conservation.
However, this law is not controlled or enforced, and Rioverde has lost much of its mangroves.

Art. 406.- Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador.

“The State shall regulate the conservation, management and sustainable use, recovery, and domain limitations of fragile and threatened ecosystems; among others, paramos, wetlands, cloud forests, dry and humid tropical forests and mangroves, marine, and marine-coastal ecosystems.”


Protection and reforestation of mangroves along the entire coast of Rioverde and at the mouths of the rivers.

Why are mangroves so important?

Campaign: Mingas

Repetitive campaigns


Mingas are about more than just picking up trash and beautifying our habitat. It is a means to strengthen the cohesion of a community and raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

It is an important educational tool. Especially the children in the villages are always very committed, and we take the opportunity to talk to them about the problem of garbage and the use of unnecessary plastics. The child who participates in a minga today is not the same child who will throw his candy wrappers on the ground tomorrow without thinking.

Vision: Plastic-free Rioverde

Steady progress

IMPLEMENTING ALTERNATIVES to single-use plastics

Why do we use so much unnecessary plastic?


Apart from the impact on the natural environment, it is also detrimental to our own health (plastic is in our food).
Changing our habits is not only for the sake of nature, but will also have economic advantages. Reducing waste can reduce the costs of solid waste treatment. In addition, sustainability sells well! There is an international trend towards organic products and sustainable tourism is a multi-billion dollar market. It would be great and in everyone’s interest if we could position our canton in this direction.

Solution approach

We started in our own home. How about you?


Do you have any good ideas for saving plastic in everyday life?
Do you know of environmentally friendly alternatives and products?
Share it with us!



Rioverde, Esmeraldas