Together with our partners and allies, we organize clean-up campaigns on the beaches and rivers of the Rioverde canton.

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Playa de Paufí

Saturday, November 19, 8 am

Playa Bocana de Lagarto

December 2022

Playa Peñas Blancas

Saturday, December 3, 8 am

Rio Mate

La Perla: Monday, November 21 

Chontillal: Tuesday, November 22 

Palmarreal: Wednesday, November 23 

Chunguillo: Monday, November 28 

Altamira: Tuesday, November 29 

Playa de Rocafuerte

Friday, December 9, 8 am

Rio en San Vicente

Saturday, December 10 , 8 am 

Objectives and successes of the mingas

This activity aims to help the community become aware of the amount of garbage that can be found everywhere in our natural environment.

 To understand how pollution affects us and to make us responsible for protecting our environment, as we are also responsible for environmental disasters.
Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of changing our consumption habits, lifestyle, and bad agricultural practices that seriously affect the natural environment and our health. Reducing single-use plastic and implementing alternative, ecological and organic methods in our agricultural practices are just some of the many suggestions to make everyday life more environmentally friendly and thus ensure the longevity of our only home, planet Earth.

With each minga we reach more people, and waste management has improved in some areas.

Partners and Alliances

We organize the mingas together with our partners and allies from different communities and public and private organizations.

Asociación de turismo Rioverde RV (Rioverde Tourism Association)
Centro de las artes y cultura Kelvin Estupiñan Ruak
Environmental activists
Community leaders
Mingas por el mar
Red de mujeres

With the support of many motivated children, inhabitants of the communities and the municipality of Rioverde.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children"

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